Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation produces advanced production systems for the nonwovens industry. Our machines have achieved increased notoriety over the years for their increased throughput, durability, and return on investment. Biax-Fiberfilm engineers and manufactures spun-blown/multi-row meltblown systems and microspan stretching equipment for customers around the globe.

Spun-blown®/Meltblown Systems

Transform polymer resins into fine microfibers and convert them into nonwoven web in one step. Our unique technology is based on the Biax Multi-Row Spinnerette that offers the highest output and highest profit margin in the industry.

Spun-blown System

Microspan® Stretching Equipment

Microspan/Ring Rolling was invented in 1974 by Biax. It offers the smallest foot print, the highest stretching capabilities with greater uniformity. This process can activate elastics, improve strength, and feel of film/fabrics.


R&D Trials/Product Development

Biax-Fiberfilm is delighted to open the doors of its Research and Development Center to its customers to help them with their product development and market testing.  Using Biax technologies we will work with you to achieve better solutions.


Biax-Fiberfilm on the Map Biax-fiberfilm is proud to have its equipment around the globe. Biax has supplied more than 50 spun-blown/meltblown systems besides 20 spinning beams/retrofits in addition to 25 stretching equipment