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As a leader in meltblown
and web/film stretching
technologies, Biax-Fiberfilm
Corporation is dedicated to
providing its customers with
value-added services.
Meltblown Systems
Meltblown Systems
Biax Fiberfilm Corporation produces advanced machines for the microfiber and nonwoven roll goods industries. Using patented technologies, the company's two core product lines have achieved increased notoriety over the past five years. Biax Fiberfilm currently engineers and manufactures meltblown systems and microspanning stretching machines for customers in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Meltblown Systems transform polymers or solutions into very fine fibers and convert them into fibrous nonwoven roll goods in one step. Our unique technology offers the highest output, highest profit margin in the industry.

Microspan® Stretching Machines offer the highest stretching capabilities with greater uniformity, achieving desired breathability and/or drapability. This process can improve the strength, appearance and feel of film or fabrics.

Biax Fiberfilm provides daily trials for your research and development purposes at our facility. We will work with you on projects using our meltblown systems and stretching equipment.

Biax-Fiberfilm and REICOFIL combine their developments and capacities for meltblown lines. See our News page for details.

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Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation