Our Mission

Our Employees pledge to produce machines for our customers:

  • that will incorporate the best technology, which translates to the best reliability and up time.
  • with a dedication to precision unmatched by anyone in the industry.
  • that will offer the highest throughput (and client profit margin) in the industry.
  • that will be delivered on time.


Dr. Eckhard C.A. Schwarz, born in Germany, earned a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Hamburg and a doctorate degree in chemistry from the McGill University in Montreal, Canada. From there he went on to work for companies like DuPont and Kimberly-Clark. In November of 1975 he founded Biax-Fiberfilm which had its beginnings in the basement of his home. In the 28 years that followed, Dr. Schwarz invented, patented, and manufactured high performance machinery for the nonwovens industry. Dr. Schwarz was awarded nearly 50 patents and had Biax-Fiberfilm equipment in companies located in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

After 28 years as President, Dr. Schwartz turned over the reins of Biax-Fiberfilm to Douglas Brown in 2003. Douglas Brown has more than 28 years of experience with Biax-Fiberfilm. He is confident that with our existing meltblowing and web/film stretching technologies combined with new ideas currently being developed in our R&D Department on biodegradable microfibers and submicron fibers, Biax-Fiberfilm will remain an innovative company that would make Dr. Schwarz proud.

Biax-Fiberfilm is a long time member of INDA (The Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry). INDA is the trade association representing the nonwoven fabrics industry since 1968. In 2008 Mr. Brown was honored when asked to serve on INDA’s Board of Directors, where he served the maximum three-year term. For more information on INDA, please visit www.inda.org


Biax-Fiberfilm on the Map

Biax-fiberfilm is proud to have its equipment around the globe. Up to now Biax has supplied more than 50 spun-blown/meltblown systems besides 20 spinning beams/retrofits in addition to 25 stretching equipment