Spun-blown®/Meltblown Systems

Meltblown systems transform polymers or solutions into very fine fibers and convert them into fibrous nonwoven roll goods in one step.



Each section is equipped with its own gear pump which controls polymer flow to ensure uniform basis weights (weight per unit area). Each pump is individually driven to allow maximum versatility.


Biax’ Multi-Row Spinnerettes allow for up to 12000 nozzles per meter and fibers ranging from 1-25 microns that translates into production capacity up to 500 Kg/m/hr.


Various spinnerette designs allow switching from fine fibers to coarse few in minutes.

Patented Features

Shorter exposure time to high temperatures, which limits thermal degradation, producing a stronger fiber and higher yield of material.


Modular die design allows for quick replacement of each section for cleaning or repair.


Biax spinnerettes are 100% repairable.

Energy Savings

Manufacturers using the new Biax system report substantial energy savings as well as significantly lower labor and equipment operating costs.

Industries Served

  • Sorbents – Rolls, booms, pads and socks for oil spills and clean up, various other industrial maintenance needs.
  • Filtration – HEPA grade surgical face masks and industrial respirators, vacuum cleaner filter media.
  • Healthcare – Medical and industrial gowns, drapes and sterilization wrap.
  • Hygiene – Feminine care, disposable diapers and wipes.
  • Industrial/Construction – Insulation and HVAC filter media.
  • Automotive – Oil and fuel filter, cabin air filter, Engine air filter, and acoustic insulation
  • Textiles and Apparel – Disposable clothing and caps.