Microspan® Stretching Equipment

Biax stretching (microspanning) equipment offers the highest stretching capabilities with greater uniformity, achieving desired breathability and/or drapability. This process can improve the strength, appearance and feel of film or fabrics. Both machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD) capabilities are offered.

Biax-Fiberfilm’s name originated with our unique stretching equipment. It is derived from biaxially stretching fibers and films. The industry recognizes the term “ring-rolling” which was invented at Biax-Fiberfilm Corporation more than 35 years ago.


Cross Direction (CD)

Stretch capabilities up to 6X. Equipment widths up to 3.5 Meter.

Machine Direction (MD)

Stretch capabilities up to 4X. Equipment widths up to 3.5 Meter.


Stretches your film or fabric uniformly, regardless of the basis weight variations.

Small Footprint

Only one-tenth the size of a tenter frame.


Achieve targeted degree of breathability (MVTR #).


The drapability as well as softness and hand can be increased as desired.

Industries Served

  • Healthcare – Medical and industrial masks.
  • Hygiene – Feminine care products and disposable diapers.
  • Construction – House wrap and geotextiles.

Pilot CD and MD machines are available at our facility for your research & development testing needs.