NEW “Microspan” “Ring Rolling”CD Stretcher



Stretcher 2

Active Width: 1M

Speed: up to 300 m/min

Options: Unwind Stand and Surface Winder

Application: Activate Elastic Engines, Enhance Touch and Feel, Control Pore Size and Adjust MVTR Values of non breathable films

Ready to ship within one week if necessary

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Complete 0.5 M Bi-Co Meltblown Line


BI-CO-1      BI-CO-3


Spinning Width: 0.5 Meter

Technology: Reicofil Single Row Meltblowing Technology Equipped with Bi-co Hills Technology

Fiber Composition: Bi-Component Capability

Full Line Includes:

  • Hopper
  • Two Extruders
  • Coat Hanger Bi-Co Die
  • 3 Bi-co Spinnerets
  • Flat Belt Collector
  • Winder
  • Mezzanine

Line can be purchased AS-IS WHERE IS or Completely Refurbished with installation assistance. A Biax Mutri-row Meltblowing Beam could be added for extra flexibility.

Bi-Co Meltblowing Line Specifications

Line Side View

For more info, Contact Doug Brown for details.