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We manufacture custom fabrics to support the dreams of product innovators worldwide. 
  • Utilizing a patented spun-blown system to produce fabrics that few others in the world can create. 

  • Allowing you additional “proof of concept” prior to the purchase of a full-scale production system OR allowing you to outsource production permanently.

  • Short run and extended run fulfillment.

  • R&D services that credit 50% of trial costs toward qualified fabric purchases. 

  • Technical support from experienced design and process engineers. 

Core Specialties Include:
  • Premium Fiber Nonwovens. 0.75 - 1.00 micron absolute rated media applicable to advanced filtration and medical technology. 

  • 100% Recycled PET Nonwovens. Applicable to coarse filtration and high loft insulation. 

  • PLA Nonwovens. Applicable to hygiene products. 

  • Eco-Friendly Solution-Spun Nonwovens. Applicable to countless consumer products. 

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